World-class performance comes by striving for a target just out of reach but with a vivid awareness of how the gap might be breached.

Matthew Syed, Writer and Author

Develop an Outstanding Personal and Business Brand

Service Leadership underpins all of our fitness and healthcare educational programmes, energising the technical through stretching aspiration and fuelling the understanding that individual and collective business aspirations can be realised.


‘We bring together two seemingly distinct worlds’


Service Leadership centres upon identifying the fundamentals of high performance excellence in our digitally driven economy.

We bring together two seemingly distinct worlds - education and commerce - to create a unique learning experience combining excellence in technical learning with acute understanding of the means to build your own business with the minimum of risk whilst maximising the potential of your passion and creativity.


‘We will mentor you and help you develop an outstanding personal and business brand’


Our supremely designed programme content facilitates creative and interactive discussion on world class client engagement strategies, business proposition design, team build and leadership development.

Whatever your background or experience, our programmes can offer the learning experience you desire to build your own business with confidence and belief.


Why do some companies fail and why do others break the mould?’


We will mentor and help you develop an outstanding personal and business brand, build a compelling and sustainable business proposition and grow a first class PT team.

Service Leadership answers questions such as: 


➢ How do I plan and build an invincible commercial proposition? 

➢ What does Leadership mean in the digital age?

➢ What are the 12 steps to client conversion?

➢ Why do some companies fail and why do others break the mould?

➢ What is trust - and what are the 5 building blocks?

➢ What roles do values play in separating winners and losers?

➢ If ideas are now the currency of organisational value how do I create more of them?

➢ How do I recruit and build a global brand?


Our ultimate aim with Service Leadership is to help you achieve your career aspirations through building businesses that break the mould.

These businesses will power the much needed changes and improvements in the global fitness industry.

Come on board and join us in our quest to ‘make exercise irresistible!’