Diploma in Personal Training & Functional Biomechanics

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Diploma in Personal Training & Functional Biomechanics


The Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and Functional Biomechanics prepares you to excel as a supremely capable technician and a successful Personal Training business. Our Service Leadership approach means that you will leave our programme confident to take your first steps into the industry, to connect with prospects and develop a loyal client base.

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What will I learn on Level 3 Personal Training and Functional Biomechanics course?

1.     Superior knowledge of musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory anatomy and physiology

2.     Finely honed hands on skills to be able to pinpoint 100 skeletal landmarks on a real client

3.     ‘Body mapping’ – drawing all major muscles on the body to ensure practical ability to locate muscles on clients

4.     Advanced client assessment and screening techniques

5.     The complete range of exercise programming skills – for any client, in any environment, showing precise technique 

6.    Hands on neuromuscular release techniques – MET, PNF

7.     Coaching your clients with confidence and technical skill

8.     Understanding the psychology and behavior of clients to allow you to engage at a deeper level

9.    Winning trust and belief to make yourself indispensable to your clients

10.   Marketing and growing a sustainable business which allows you to develop a thriving career