We work closely with the following companies and educational institutions to change the face of the health and fitness industry. With their help, we are creating dynamic learning experiences and the opportunity for our students to achieve so much more than they ever imagined.


Blending healthcare and fitness disciplines is one of our strengths. HPT5 works closely with Physiotherapy and Osteopathic practitioners at Body Align Clinic to produce workshops which combine experience with research to yield highly applicable and useful technical skills for fitness and healthcare professionals.


HPT5 is proud to be in a dynamic, forward thinking industry partnership with Core Collective Singapore. HPT5 is tasked with the recruitment, training and development of the most technically skilled and commercially smart trainers in the world.


Genesis is a Personal Training and Rehabilitation studio based in South West London. They bring a truly multidisciplinary approach to their customers in order to achieve specific results. HPT5 is proud to work with Genesis to develop their rehabilitation offering.


HPT5 is delighted to contribute to the regulation of the fitness industry as a Skills Development Partner in CIMSPA's Professional Development Committee.


Samantha Dalby has worked as a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner since 2006. She specializes in therapeutic nutrition to prevent & treat disease. HPT5 recognises the huge contribution of nutrition to health and works with Sam to combine the learning of movement and fitness with her clinical work in the field of healthcare.