We are very fortunate at HPT5 to work with many talented people and everyone brings their unique skills and capabilities to our programmes. Every now and again, someone comes into our orbit who is doing something a bit different and who may just pique your curiosity. Take a look.

Kieran Leinster

Kieran is one of those characters you meet and instantly know he has something different, something impressive about him. As the video above shows, he's not called 'Lights Out" for nothing!

When he first crossed paths, he played down the boxing connection and focussed conversation on his Personal Training career and how he wanted to develop himself. He had that hunger and ambition about him. So it was no surprise to find out from another source that Kieran was in fact an experienced boxer who was about to turn pro. 

What appeals to the HPT5 team is Kieran's desire to improve and grow his skills. And the way he mixes this with a humble approach. He is just as comfortable listening and learning as he is leading in the boxing ring. And it is his sense of not just how far he has come, but how far he can go in the future which inspires belief in everyone around him.

HPT5 wishes Kieran all the best in his up coming professional bout at York Hall on Saturday, September 8th 2018 - if you want tickets, just click this link