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Movement Specialist Series


Welcome to the Movement Specialist Series - a 12 week programme of weekly online, LiveStream lectures and monthly practical face to face workshops, which will take your confidence and skills in biomechanics and movement programming to new heights. It’s all about the hands on, practical takeaways you can use in your business immediately.

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Why study the Movement Specialist Series?

If you are the kind of person who wants to continually improve and develop your skills and your business, you will reap measurable benefit from the Movement Specialist Series because you will be able to attract new client groups and offer better value to your existing customers. You thrive on stretching yourself. And commercially, you want to differentiate yourself from the competition and become the most sought after movement and fitness specialist in your area.

What are the aims of the Series?

  • To give you the skills to assess and screen your client’ movement patterns

  • To intimately understand the phases of gait so that you can apply this knowledge to all movement

  • To be able to interpret the movement patterns you see

  • To ensure that you know how to construct effective interventions to optimise your client’s movement

  • To provide you with hands on skills that add significant value to your service

  • To give you the necessary programming skills to avoid injuring your clients with counter productive movement patterns

  • To increase your confidence in dealing with clients

Who should attend?

Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, S&C coaches, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapists or anyone wishing to broaden their skillset and enhance their existing business offering.

HPT5 is unreal... it’s the hands on aspect that got me really interested to look at HPT5 and then I met Pete which only cemented my feeling that I wanted to get involved. It has been educational as well as a good old laugh. Pete is a great teacher. Explaining and breaking down key aspects of the course. You never go away confused or unsure of what you ve just been taught. Unfortunately it’s coming to an end but HPT5 and Pete are ready and wanting to stay in touch and offer any help needed. Massive 👍👍👍 up to the syllabus and teaching methods of HPT5 and Pete.
— Aedan McDonagh, Rehabilitation Specialist

Course Outline

Day 1 & 2: Hands on Mobilisation

  1. Introduction - kinetic chain - bones, joints and myofascia

  2. Movement evolution in response to the environment

  3. Influence of poor lifestyle habits

  4. Triplanar joint loading: gravitational influence, ground reaction forces and momentum

  5. Joint congruity, compression and distraction

  6. The role of joint proprioception in movement

  7. Gait analysis - video walking and running and review

  8. Movement dysfunction, segmental hypomobility, reduced proprioceptive control and injury

  9. Focussing on Movement, Range and Control

  10. Hands on mobilisations to restore joint mobility: Ankle, knee, hip, thoracic region.

Day 3 & 4: Movement Biomechanics

  1. Introduction - kinetic chain and the role of myofascia

  2. Myofascial lines and triplanar force transmission

  3. Global movement patterns over isolation

  4. The influence of posture on soft tissue - locked short and locked long

  5. Gait and movement patterns

  6. Sagittal loading: Superficial Front Line & Superficial Back Line

  7. Frontal loading: Lateral Lines

  8. Transverse loading: Spiral Lines, Back Functional Line, Front Functional Lines

  9. The role of the arms: Back and Front Arm Lines

  10. Combination movements to blend all three planes of motion

  11. Movement programming


Day 5 & 6: Sports Performance

  1. Analysing sporting movements in slow motion

  2. Identifying phases of movement

  3. Joint and myofascial loading in key sporting movements

  4. Biomechanics of boxing - throwing a punch

  5. Biomechanics of tennis - the serve

  6. Biomechanics of martial arts - the kick

  7. Sport specific movement programming

  8. Sport specific mobilisations

  9. Pulling it all together to get results for your sporting clients


How will it change my business and earning potential?

With the right client group targeting, the skills you gain on the Series will allow you to attract more clients who struggle with movement issues and to provide a better value service to your existing clients. Needless to say, this will increase your earning potential as you differentiate yourself from the competition.


South West London. Wandsworth. Virgin Active.

Dates and times

29th June, 2019.

10am - 4pm


Please bring lunch with you. Alternatively, there are shops very nearby where you can purchase supplies.


Water will be provided at the venue, or please feel free to bring alternative drinks.