Movement Specialist 1: Global Movement Screening

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Movement Specialist 1_ Global Movement Screens copy.jpg

Movement Specialist 1: Global Movement Screening


Learn essential movement screening protocols in this hands on workshop, to identify the fundamental movement patterns of which your client is capable. Establishing their movement capacity prior to constructing a gym based training programme, assists in the prevention of injuries and helps improve of performance.

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What is the aim of the workshop?

To build your confidence in screening your clients for their global movement patterns. It is hugely practical day, designed to provide you with the skills to use immediately with existing clients and to win new prospects.

Who should attend?

Personal Trainers, Sports Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and any fitness or healthcare professional who wishes to become more confident in improving the wellbeing of their clients.

Brief outline of the day

  1. Principles of movement: Understanding the fundamental basis of movement, the kinetic chain, global movement patterns, joint range, loading and control. The importance of myofascial lines - seeing the body as a continuous, co-ordinated system of interacting muscles and fascia.

  2. Body Mapping: Drawing the myofascial lines and key joints on a real human body to get a true appreciation of their location when it comes to real clients.

  3. Movement. Range. Control (MRC) screening system. Identifying a client's global movement capability, their local joint ranges and the level of quality and control in their movement. Practicing movements which load myofascial lines in sagittal, frontal and transverse planes.

  4. MRC screens: Coaching your client to execute fundamental movement patterns to screen global movement capability. Identifying movement dysfunction, interpreting joint ranges and the loading of myofascial lines.

  5. Case studies: Putting it all in to practice, by observing and interpreting worked examples and then carrying out the movement screens on course colleagues.


Virgin Active Wandsworth, Smugglers Way. OR, please ask us if you wish to stage a workshop at YOUR club. Minimum 6 participants.


Dates and times

Wednesday Sept 30th. 2019

Which client groups will I be able to showcase these skills to?

  • Existing Personal Training clients

  • Existing healthcare clients

  • Sporting enthusiasts who want to improve

  • Higher level athletes focussed on performance

  • Members of the public keen to avoid injury

How will it change my business and earning potential?

Using the MRC movement screens, you will be able to help prospects identify dysfunctional movement patterns which are causing issues in their every day life or to help reduce the chance of problems in the future. This will significantly increase the number of client groups you can address and significantly enhance the quality of service you offer to your existing clients. Needless to say, this will enhance your earning potential as you differentiate yourself from the competition.


Please bring lunch with you. Alternatively, there are shops very nearby at which you can purchase supplies.


Drinks are available for purchase at the club.

CPD Points

We are currently applying for CIMSPA CPD points for this programme.