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Sports Massage Therapy+


Are you a practising Personal Trainer or a Swedish Massage Therapist who wants to expand their client base by training up in Sports Massage Therapy? Or are you new to the industry and want to forge an exciting career. We offer a unique course combining functional biomechanics with Sports Massage that also guides you on how you will win new clients. Ultra hands on, and featuring our ground breaking Body Mapping, this is a course which will make you the go-to specialist in your area.

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What is the aim of the programme?

To help you build a successful and rewarding career in Sports Massage Therapy by bringing you a unique combination of hands on techniques and functional biomechanics to ensure you remain ahead of the competition. You will leave the programme with the confidence to build your massage business in clinics, clubs, at home or mobile.

Who should attend this course?

We welcome new entrants to the industry, Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Strength and Conditioning Coaches and any fitness or healthcare practitioner who wishes to develop another strand to their existing businesses. SMT+ also represents an opportunity to sign up with our partners, Urban Massage, to bring mobile massage to your portfolio.

Brief outline of the course:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology required to be able to apply Sports Massage Therapy

  2. How to carry out a range of assessments

  3. How to collect information relating to the clients current condition and status (including the identification of conditions that would be inappropriate for treatment

  4. How to distinguish between acute injury and soft tissue dysfunction

  5. How to recognise when to defer treatment or when to refer to a more qualified massage or healthcare professional

  6. How to select the appropriate massage techniques for a range of clients

  7. How to apply sports massage techniques safely and effectively, understanding the potential effects


I was introduced to HPT5 on personal recommendation which is often the best way. I’m glad I received that recommendation as I couldn’t have found a better company to work with; from the professional introductory meeting to the delivery of a tailored and flexible L3 Sports Massage Course they work with you to find suitable session timings and locations to fit in with your existing work schedule, something that was particularly important for me. As a Personal Trainer I know how difficult it is to dovetail everyone’s requirements together but they achieved it. With this qualification I will be able to expand my business by offering this service which will introduce me to a whole host of potential new clients whilst also helping with their existing injuries/problems. Thank you guys.
— Andy Ness, YPT Personal Trainer, Teddington

29 Astonville Street. London. SW18 5AN


Please ask for details - we are able to start small training groups almost straight away.

Which client groups will I be able to showcase these skills to?

  • Existing Personal Training clients

  • Existing healthcare clients

  • Sporting enthusiasts who want to improve

  • Higher level athletes focussed on performance

  • Members of the public keen to avoid injury

How will it change my business and earning potential?

Diversifying your skills base means being able to address new target markets. And as most customers have muscle tightness and congestion, there is a great deal of need for the services of a high quality Sports Massage Therapy practitioner. This also means you get to add colour to your working day, doing something you love and reinforce any existing skills you might have.

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