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Deep Tissue Massage+


If you are massage qualified and want to extend your skill set to win new clients, this two day workshop will propel you to new heights, generating more clients and a wider skill set. Recognised by leading industry massage platform, Urban Massage, you will learn new techniques to provide a deeper more effective massage for those clients suffering everyday aches and pains.

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What are the aims of the workshop?

  • To give you the skills to provide deep tissue massage techniques to a variety of clients, ensuring quality of touch and razor sharp awareness of soft tissue terrain

  • To hone the most effective client questioning and information gathering approaches - interacting with confidence and leadership

  • To develop deft palpation skills to be able to identify dysfunctional soft tissue

  • To adopt a strong, sustainable posture which is adaptable for a variety of different massage techniques

  • To create a toolbox of massage skills for every eventuality - using fingers, thumbs, knuckles, heel of hands, forearms and elbows

  • To nurture an acute sense of how to progressively work through layers of tissue to reach deep structures and apply appropriate techniques and pressure

  • To learn how to interact with your client when discussing areas of tenderness or pain

  • To develop an intuitive sense of common muscular and fascial hot spots, where congestion is common

  • To fine tune communicating exercise and mobilisation tips to your client

Who should attend?

Qualified Massage Therapists and wider healthcare professionals qualified and insured to provide massage treatments.

Brief outline of the two days

  1. Introduction: Fundamentals of massage techniques, quality posture and client interaction. Aims of Deep Tissue Massage and how to ensure you deliver a quality service to your client

  2. Body Mapping: Drawing key bony landmarks and myofascial chains to ensure you know with razor sharp accuracy which tissues you are treating

  3. Advanced Anatomy & Physiology: Applying basic anatomy knowledge to common conditions that a client may experience (including postural adaptations such as upper/lower crossed syndromes (hyperkyphosis, hyperlordosis), lower back pain, muscular tightness and headache). Recap of key muscles, including: Trapezius, Levator Scapulae, Quadriceps, Quadratus Lumborum, Iliacus and Psoas, Hamstrings, Calf, Core musculature, Pectorals)

  4. Screening and Questioning Techniques: Quick and easy movement screens to identify movement dysfunction. Asking the right questions to establish the client needs and when to rule out treatment due to contraindication

  5. Palpation Skills: Hone palpation skills using fingers, thumbs, forearms and elbows. You will clearly identify areas of tension and restriction as well as learn how to respond to pain flags

  6. Precision Massage techniques: Using the toolbox approach to deep tissue delivery in order to precisely match client requirements. Split into body 'sections': Calf, hamstring, quadriceps, gluteals, lumbar spine, thoracic and cervical spine, shoulders, arm and forearm. You won't simply go through moves, you will learn how to employ techniques with supreme skill and a quality 'touch'.

  7. Client awareness during treatment: You will learn how to apply the right pressure at the right time in order to reach target tissues at varying depths. This will mean employing elbows, forearms and heel of hands, when required and developing an acute awareness of non-verbal cues from your client - recognising pain and discomfort as well as gauging the accuracy of techniques employed.

  8. Aftercare: Stretch techniques: Learn easy to implement Muscle Energy Techniques to complement the massage you have delivered and further enhance the relief from tension for your clients

  9. Client Engagement Skills: Practical insights and expert tuition on building confidence to deliver a truly world class massage service



Old Deer Park, 187 Kew Road, Richmond. TW9 2AZ. Richmond can be accessed via the district line tube or BR railway from Waterloo Main Line Station (15 mins travel time). The Old Deer Park sports ground is a 10 minute walk from Richmond station ( follow the signs for Kew Gardens).

Dates and times

Early October - date to be confirmed.

How will it change my business and earning potential?

Once you have learned how to deliver deep tissue massage techniques you will be able to deliver treatments for a significant section of the population that suffers from aches, pains and muscular tension in their every day life. This will increase the number of client groups you can address and enhance the quality of service you offer to your existing clients. Needless to say, this will increase your earning potential as you differentiate yourself from the competition.


Please bring lunch with you. Alternatively, there are shops very nearby at which you can purchase supplies.


Water will be provided at the venue, or please feel free to bring alternative drinks.