How it works

We have centred our learning on live interaction - whether you attend in person or online. If you want to ‘dip your toes’ in HPT5’s education pool, then try our LiveLab.

We like to think of LiveLab as an ‘all you can eat’ education platform where you can try out a wide variety of online workshops and seminars - all included into a low cost, monthly subscription.

Or, if you already know the course you want to study, then book in to a programme which combines subscription to LiveLab, with all your face to face workshops and assessments. Here are the simple steps:

  1. To ‘dip your toes’: Subscribe to LIVELAB if you want regular online lectures and seminars

  2. To ‘go all in’: purchase the course you want in one up front. This includes subscription to LiveLab for the duration of the course. Start studying!

  3. If you have chosen a course, first complete the required modules. Then book in to a face to face WORKSHOP

  4. Finish all your modules. Book in to the relevant ASSESSMENT day

  5. Complete your course. CONGRATULATIONS! Then choose the next one!



Where the ideas happen.

HPT5 provides live and interactive online learning sessions via Facebook Live, available every week, 52 weeks a year.

Learn your chosen course modules, e-attend revision sessions or jump onto other courses modules to experience a taster.


Putting it into practice.

Follow your online learning with face-to-face hands-on workshops designed to give you the skills you need to work with clients.

Practice and perfect coaching real people, have fun and develop that confidence which tells your clients you are the real deal.


Showcasing your skills.

When you have studied in the LiveLab and completed all your workshops, then book an assessment day to complete the course.

Assessments may be practical or theory and some courses may require additional video submissions to complete.