What is the Rugby Masters Programme?

You may be a professional rugby player realising that your retirement from elite rugby is imminent. 

Alternatively, you may be an academy player with an eye on your future after rugby. You may even be a professional referee with an eye for your next career move. 

At all events, what you have in common is a passion for fitness and healthcare with a keen desire to help others, to learn, to gain a respected qualification and make a real difference.


HPT5 offers a unique programme dedicated to the professional rugby community

We are the only education provider to offer a complete programme, dedicated to the rugby professional that enables you to transition your career successfully into the rapidly growing fitness and healthcare world.

Our Rugby Masters Programme combines Level 2, 3 and 4 qualifications in Personal Training, Sports Massage and Strength and Conditioning as well as advanced technical training in Biomechanics, Advanced Nutrition and Injury Management.

Moreover, what makes our Rugby Masters Programme truly unique is that, underpinning the exceptional technical training, is our Service Leadership content, which incorporates the latest thinking in best practice for leadership development in a business design context.

Want to build your own business? You can.

At the end of our 9 month Programme, you will not only be eminently technically qualified, but also possess the commercial understanding to position your company successfully.

You will have gained insights from the most successful companies in the world and appreciate fully the core drivers for high performance in business.

Additionally, add our career services module which helps with all aspects of career transition, interview training and we have a complete, individually tailored programme.


Buster Player Pic.jpg

Buster white, former professional rugby player

As a former professional rugby player, I fully understand the challenges of transitioning from professional sport to the commercial domain. The Rugby Masters Programme offers a complete and truly unique curriculum to facilitate the career move from professional rugby into the fitness and healthcare industry.”

See our brochure below or please contact our Specialist Advisor,  Buster White for a qualified discussion. You may call Buster directly on 07714 725107or email Buster@hpt5.co.uk

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