Why HPT5? A Personal Trainer's Perspective from Scott Phillips

Haydn and Pete asked me to explain why I thought HPT5 is transforming the fitness and healthcare industry and why continuous learning is essential to a successful career. To answer that, I have to first take you through my journey in the industry to give you a feel for where I come from.

I did my personal training (PT) course via an apprenticeship and initially thought it was pretty comprehensive. They showed me how to program, how to set out sessions and how to conduct safe sessions. But that was it.

They focused more on health and safety than they did how to be a good coach and yet I remember a sense of accomplishment upon completing my apprenticeship, It was a proud moment. Proud because they told me that 80% of all those who qualify, quit within the first year. And I was not going to be to be one of them!

My early days in the fitness industry

So I dove headlong into work and was lucky enough to be able to offer PT at the gym where I did my apprenticeship. It was only when I started working, that I realised how little I knew.

Business was slow, and I didn't know how to speed it up.

Fast forward a year, and I was still working at the same gym, but I was also self-employed at another and it was all beginning to work out pretty well. Especially as some of the most experienced trainers were more than happy to answer my many, many questions! I was learning a lot.

About two years later, London beckoned - I figured there would be more money there and PT would be more the norm than it was in the Lake District. And it was. But it took some time to establish my business. 

Initially, I worked at a budget brand gym. The head of PT talked me into working at a gym in Lightwater and it was here that my career took an upturn as I met my old fitness manager Martin who soon landed the role of fitness manager at Third Space. Three months later, he offered me an interview.

I prepped for this interview like you wouldn't believe - brushed up on my anatomy and physiology, re-read old and trusted books, and tested myself every night for two weeks beforehand. I really wanted this job. And I wouldn’t have to wait long to be offered. 

Leaping into the Third Space

I didn’t realise it at the time but Third Space was where my career began.

For the first two years, six and seven day weeks were standard. One thing that was universal with being a trainer was the grind. You have to work. You have to put in the hours. And that's important. You also have to know how to build a business - one without the other doesn’t work. By my third year at Third Space I was done. I hadn't really taken a holiday in about five years so I treated myself to three months in Australia and refreshed, I returned to Third Space, but this time as a personal trainer and fitness coach mentor. 20 months flashed by until I hunted down a prime opportunity to build a team at a gym in Richmond.

Running my own fitness team

That brings me to the present day where I'm a fitness manager and run a gym in Richmond. It’s not an easy role but here I can do what I love and learn how to build a business on a larger scale. 

When I met with Haydn and Pete and was introduced to HPT5, they presented a fantastic vision for what the fitness industry can and will be. To that end, they have developed an educational program that will arm new trainers with the tools, both coaching and business, to start and maintain a successful personal training business. 

HPT5 - Creating excellence within the industry

They're the first educational provider I have come across that is focused on creating excellence within the industry, their primary goal is to produce correctly educated and properly qualified coaches to an industry that so desperately needs them. They want to develop not only an educational practice but a network of like-minded trainers and mentors, so you're never alone.

My career has shown me that the fitness industry is a tough industry to crack but I’ve never done better than when I invested time into learning and worked as part of a team . 

Noob or veteran, HPT5 could be your team.