Jono's Blog: 5 top tips to grow your PT business after peak season

In my previous blog for HPT5, I mentioned peak season in the fitness industry. As the busiest time of the year it’s often challenging. I'd like to discuss ways in which you can grow a PT business at this time of the year and set yourself up for success in the subsequent months. 

There's no short cut to success... But, there are ways of working to ensure we're not 'busy fools’. Here are my 5 top tips:

1.      Before peak season hits, take time out to revisit your business plan, reviewing the past cycle, and adjusting your previous goals if necessary. 

2.      Ensure your business goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely). Yes, we’ve heard this one before, but it really does make a difference. You should be already be doing this in training with your clients, so remember to do it for yourself too. 

3.      It's said that it takes 7 times more effort to acquire new business (clients), than it does to retain the existing - so value your existing clients. At peak season it can be tempting to just focus on the newbies coming through the door. What can you do to make all your clients feel special? Do they get a referral gift for referring a new client to you? Is your service really wowing them with excellence. Are you over-delivering against their expectations? 

4.      Be an effective networker. Again, one I’m sure you already know but I’m not talking about social media here - that is whole other chapter on its own! I mean human interaction, from everyone new that you meet to nurturing existing relationships. Which local shops or businesses have your flyers? Are they actively promoting you? What's in it for them if they do? Have you given everyone there a taster session so they have physically felt the product it and can talk about it with genuine experience and passion? When's your next event or talk on a specific training subject? Who else can you partner up with for referrals to one another? 

5.      Finally, as well as continually living and breathing your product of fitness, make sure you are taking the time to enhance your own knowledge. Once the craziness of peak season subsides, read trusted sources on the latest scientific updates on training principles Are you as highly qualified as you can be?  If not, schedule yourself onto an additional training course or think about a new area you’d like to develop. If you are already a specialist why not assist others and teach them? There may be a team of trainers working within your business who you could link up with. 

There are so many things that you can look at when reviewing your business and planning your next steps.  It's up to you how you do it. I've personally found solid success for myself and others following the above 5 steps.