Book Review: Clinical Sports Medicine

Clinical Sports Medicine represents a glorious phase of learning and growth for me in this industry. 22 years ago, I was newly qualified and hungry to devour huge tracts of information - make myself the best I could be. 

It was like a learning paradise to see pages loaded with diagrammes, photos, and new concepts on the nature of sporting injury and the interventions required.

This book isn’t for everyone – in the sense that the detail, high level medical language and complex technical descriptions can sometimes feel overwhelming. But if you are a technical nerd like me – that’s exactly where you want to be. 

What is paradoxical for me as I pick up the text is that, my world then was dominated by traditional fitness and rehabilitation perspectives – and now, I occupy a different space which sees a foot planted in this world and a foot in the more modern interpretations of causality, underpinned by a focus on the necessity for efficient movement patterns.

The beauty of these two differing perspectives, is that it allows me to see into and understand the world of physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation, whilst appreciating a different paradigm, one of movement, as espoused by our previous book review author, Gray Cook.

This combination will bring strength to your practice too – whether that be as a Personal Trainer, Manual Therapist, Osteopath or any other related area.

Now when a clinical specialist talks to me about compartment syndrome, morton’s neuroma, osteitis or a subluxed glenohumeral joint, I can easily understand their perspective, interface comfortably with their prescribed interventions – and, importantly, provide them with my more movement based perspective.

It’s good to strive for excellence – and that is what this book is about. If you want to integrate your offering with primary medical professionals, I would say it is essential to operate at this level.

Fasten your seatbelts if you choose to buy this weighty tome – it is neither cheap, nor for the faint of heart. But it is easily one of the best technical texts you will read if you want to understand the plethora of injuries that occur out there and how the medical healthcare system will treat them. 

And this text will be with you for life – mine still is. And it is like an old friend. Trusty, exciting to see and guaranteed to enrich your life. 

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