10 Leadership Insights to Building A Great Team

In a galaxy far away, leadership was such a simple, binary process; the order is issued and obeyed without question. Options were fewer; the world was far less connected and invulnerable to rapid disruption. 

Our globally connected digital world has turned this on its head!

Competition is rife and disruption the norm.

Ideas are now the currency of innovation, excellence in leadership now depends not on issuing an order but seeking constructive input as to what that order should be.

Our 10 leadership insights suggest a template, which can measure leadership impact through maximizing a team’s cognitive potential and collective motivation: 

1. Be clear on the ‘Why’ - the real difference the team makes and let the difference drive core values, mindset and behaviour

2.  Make the difference come alive; as leader, be the role model you want others to see

3.  Set great challenges, which inspire, your people will expect and want nothing less

4. Never fear failure, understand that without risk and uncertainty exceptional achievement will not be possible

5. Encourage people to take ownership and be accountable, invite the leader in everyone to step forward

6.  To earn the trust, manage by influence and fairness, not by title

7.  Select on passion, competence and especially curiosity - continuous learning is critical to maintaining a competitive edge 

8.  Create a challenging but caring environment, meaning emanates from a genuine feeling of self worth

9.  Never ever give up; resilience is the flip side to innovation and the critical component of sustained achievement

10.  Celebrate success, then analyse how the team could have done even better

Have we missed anything? Let us know what you think - haydn@hpt5.co.uk