ANDY's BLOG 2: 5 things I would never do again as a PT and neither should you!

Following my first blog on my early Personal Training experiences, there are a few incidents in particular, from earlier on in my career as a PT, which really make me cringe when I think back to them :-/ Here is the second:

Part 2: Work Closely with other Personal Trainers

Don’t be scared to let clients talk to other trainers. As a PT, commercial gyms can be intimidating places. A competitive environment, full of big egos, all competing for clients. You want to be the best and you want to be the most knowledgeable. (You could also file this one under wanting to be all things to all people.) Now I was guilty of this up until about one year ago. If a client asked me a question that I didn’t know the answer to the last thing I would want to do would be refer them to another trainer, admitting in the process that they knew more than me about a certain topic. *REALITY CHECK* Other trainers will have answers which you don’t have! The same way that you will know things that they don’t.

Be Confident. Build a Trainer Network

Build up a trusted network of trainers at your gym who you know won’t try to poach your clients. Find out about their specialities and areas of expertise. Be confident in yours. If your client asks you something about Calisthenics that you don’t really know the answer to, but you know one of the other trainers would, then go speak to that trainer together to get the best answer. This will make you come across as confident and your client will appreciate that you are willing to swallow a bit of pride and work with others to help them get results. This will also improve the atmosphere in the gym, help you build relationships with your PT colleagues and allow you to get to know more of the other trainers’ clients.

What About a Trainer Collective?

Maybe even consider starting a collective where you regularly share knowledge and refer clients to each other. We have recently set this up at our gym and it is working very well, even setting up team events and socials.