Do I Own a Personal Brand?

Every successful company on the planet no matter how big or small ‘owns’ its personal brand. It’s what makes them special, attracting interest and cementing client loyalty. 

The brand signifies quality, consistency of expectation and, by right, qualifies for a premium price. 

Brand is the concept we hold in the mind of our clients. It has less to do with specific product and service, more to do with the values that underpin the way we behave and do business. 

In short, it is how we make people feel when they use our product or service. 

If you are unsure of the power of your brand, ask yourself these questions:

What are my core values, which influence and drive client perception? 

Am I in the business for the right reasons?

Do I live up to, and exceed, my clients’ expectations?

Am I being true to myself?

If the answer is yes, great. 

If it is no, then you will probably need to ask why is there a gap between the rhetoric i.e. the expectations that you set in your clients’ eyes and the reality i.e. the mismatch between brand promise and client experience.  

Unless this gap is closed, your client base will start to shrink and keep on shrinking.

What have you done today that demonstrates that you have gone beyond excellence to inspire clients and others? Just think.

Walking into Pret a Manger for my morning 99p coffee and being told ‘Nice to see you again, have this one on us.’

My Personal Trainer texting me in the evening ‘Great session today, you worked so hard, keep to the schedule and we’ll get there, I promise.’

Walking into a restaurant and saying to the waiter ‘damn I’ve forgotten my glasses’ and then him returning with a tray selection of reading glasses and asking  ‘Would you like to borrow one of these sir?’ True, honest!

Maybe brand is more about care, empathy and wanting to make a real difference.

So what’s yours?