Why Committing to HPT5 Proved an 'Irresistible' Decision

I’ve always harboured a passion for sport and, being Welsh, would have loved to play rugby for Wales.

However, a few small issues always stood in my way - size, pace and talent, to name but a few!

Nonetheless, I was always an enthusiastic, never say die, fourth team player and loved training even though my fitness wavered from high to low depending on commercial commitments.

I was also someone, somewhat ironically, who loved training. Seven years ago I realised how deep my love for training was when I suffered a serious illness and was unable to train for six months.

To aide the recuperation process, I decided to join a new gym and by sheer luck, I met one of the best Personal Trainers in the UK.

I say by luck because the thought of using a Personal Trainer was, at this time, furthest from my thoughts.

What me, an ex 'rugby player' who had spent years lifting weights, ask someone to help me, no way!

But use a Personal Trainer, I did; why?

Well, a combination of trust, belief and a professional, non-direct selling approach, which relied upon effective probing, competent listening and insightful advice to my predicament, won the day.

I was truly lucky. Being barely able to lift 20 kg at my weakest, last year I deadlifted 180 kg! In the many months of one to one personal training sessions, I suffered not a single soft tissue injury and gained a wealth of knowledge in fitness training, mindset preparation, nutrition and sports science (thanks Dom!).

So I have experienced first hand the phenomenal difference a Personal Trainer can make.

Why was I lucky? Well, I now realise how devilishly difficult it can be for most Personal Trainers to gain and offer the expertise I experienced.

Personal Trainers are under-trained, under-supported and generally left under-powered. In many instances, they are even regarded as an expendable commodity!

HPT5 is going to transform this unacceptable situation.

We will consult with gym operators to create more productive and compelling working environments.

We will raise the skills levels of Personal Trainers so that they will command the respect of other fitness and sporting specialists. Moreover, the healthcare industry will seek them out as an indispensable means to heal, develop and repair.

In sport, their skills will be sought after by professional and amateur bodies; in medicine they will command the depth of trust that physiotherapists and doctors will recommend patients freely and with confidence - 'do not take a pill, take exercise' will be the new mantra.

Personal Trainers will also be in the front line of fighting child and adult obesity.

To realise these ambitions, hpt5’s ground breaking programmes will offer expertly managed consultancy and educational learning in advanced functional biomechanics, injury repair and develop the leadership and communications skills to build a personal brand and business which can engage powerfully with a broad audience.

We will redraw the training and educational curriculum for Personal Trainers.

At hpt5 our ultimate goal is to 'Make Exercise Irresistible' to everyone - it was for me as a PT user and will undoubtedly be even more so as a specialist PT trainer helping Personal Trainers build outstanding personal brands, develop innovative client engagement strategies and construct highly profitable and sustainable businesses.

Someone once said 'there is nothing more powerful than the human soul on fire' and I experienced this with my own Personal Trainer.

I know that something magical can happen when you engage a skilled Personal Trainer, it happened to me, that's why we need so many more who are superbly trained, inspired in their working environment and fully empowered to make a real difference to people from all walks of life.