Sublime Personal Training customer care is… using fine-tuned hands on skills to blow your prospects away!

Following on from yesterday’s post on giving your knowledge away freely, I’m following up with another aspect of customer care which is close to my heart – using hands-on skills to win your prospect’s attention, hold it and ultimately build a loyal, energised customer base.

Personal Training is in some senses, difficult to sell. The most common scenario sees a lot of description from the trainer about what the customer can achieve under their guidance. But no tangible product. The trainer can’t hand them a concrete object and say, ‘look at this….it does x, y and z’. Instead, Personal Trainers often experience the dawning and uncomfortable realisation at the beginning of their career, that they are the product! And that can be quite intimidating.

They face the big question, ‘how do I make my Personal Training product more tangible, more real’?

Now there is a plethora of strategies they can adopt, but the one I am focusing on here is using hands-on techniques to engage with a prospective customer. Picture a healthclub member getting into conversation with a Personal Trainer about their favorite pastime, cycling, and during the dialogue, it transpires that the member has a niggling shoulder pain, that is interfering with their training and enjoyment. A skilled trainer will be able to palpate painful tissues, test the joint range of motion, screen for underpinning causative factors and identify any muscular dysfunction. Then they might explain what they think is going on and where an intervention falls within their scope of practice, offer to implement exercise or stretching. Or if it is beyond their scope, they refer to a suitable health professional – perhaps a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Sports Massage Therapist.

Imagine how that member now perceives the Personal Trainer. They have witnessed a tangible, credible process which has seen the trainer identify and educate them about an issue and then they have either done something about it or referred them on. Multiply that across all the people a Personal Trainer meets in a healthclub and you begin to build a solid product that many people would happily reach into their pocket to pay for.