Jono's Blog: The WHYs to what and how we do things

Hello.  It's an honour to be asked to write a short blog for HPT5. Although I was a bit perturbed at first when asked, as I'm not generally a man who likes to be in the limelight.  But, I have this desire to always say "yes"…

When planning this, Pete, Haydn and I explored different ideas together - ultimately coming up with "Jono - it's a blank canvass - write about what you want.”  So - I've been putting quite a bit of thought into it.  I will admit - I am nervous.  English was never my forte - luckily, I have some helpful people around me who I hope might help with getting my ideas / thoughts / words across! 

Now, having a blank canvass is all well and good - but where do you start?  There is soooo much I can talk about, and I quite often like (I mean really enjoy) going off on tangents.  So I’ll try and stick to the point. 

I've recently being reading and exploring the WHYs to what and how we do things.  For example - we go to work (that's the WHAT), we do things a certain way at work (that's the HOW's), but WHY do we do it?  And by that I mean WHY do we do it for ourselves? I have thought long and hard about WHY I do what I am currently doing (being the General Manager of a fitness club) and WHY I came back to the industry after a period of time doing other things.

Quite simply, I am intrinsically motivated by helping fellow colleagues in the industry to steer a path for themselves and to be awesome at what they do.  I guess it’s about helping them find their own WHYs, and then ultimately help more club members by enabling their trainers to be the best professionals that they can be. The company I work for describes this as enabling people to be the best versions of themselves, which I really believe in. I’m pleased that some of the trainers I have worked with have progressed phenomenally well in their careers. I have tried to create avenues for them to explore and continually develop and further better themselves. 

During my training with HPT5, we covered a lot of work on anatomy and training concepts etc.  All the things we need to know to be a High Performance Trainer, of course. But it was the work we did on Service Leadership that excited me the most, - it’s all about helping personal trainers really step back and identify what, how and most importantly WHY they do what they do.  I enjoyed this part the most, watching PTs around me really think about this. 

For myself, I re-learnt the practical differences between being a manager and a leader, I re-discovered certain traits, and I opened my mind to reading more on the numerous subjects within this area (there are many good articles on LinkedIn) I find it thought stimulating.  Who am I in my role? Am I a Manager? Am I a Leader?

Actually, I like to think I'm more of a coach.