Liberating the Leader in us all drives the best Fitness Education

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.’

 Sydney J Harris

Everyone remembers their favourite teacher. Mine was Ray Hale. He was my Spanish teacher who not only inspired me to explore the joy of language and literature but also to think and most importantly, question, my own aspirations and values.

He taught me that learning was not just about knowledge but, more importantly, what you do with that knowledge, how you act and respond to new insights, gain the alternative perspective and dismantle the mental shackles that may restrict the opportunity to excel.

These qualities in education are more compelling than ever before.

In a recent report by  Cognizant, an American multinational corporation specialising in Information Technology, entitled ‘21 Jobs of the Future’, the report argues that lost jobs will be replaced by ones that “will create mass employment, providing work for the many people in offices, stores and factory floors displaced or disrupted by technology.”

The more process driven and repetitive the job role, the more likely the role will be disrupted and inevitably absorbed within the onward march of computerisation.

Artificial intelligence powers ahead ensuring the list of tasks that machines cannot do keeps shrinking. Until very recently, machines couldn’t drive, read our handwriting, understand our speech or offer real-time translation services.

Whilst technology will not only replace our muscles but also a large part of our brains, the key jobs of the future will demand the human touch more than ever before.

The report identifies three common themes which we will all need to master in the future:

Coaching: Helping people get better at things (e.g., managing their finances, managing their weight).

Caring: Improving people’s health and wellness.

Connecting: Man and machine, traditional and shadow IT, the physical and the virtual, commerce with ethics.

These  3C’s speak to a universal truth – that no matter how technological our age becomes, ultimately we, as humans, want the human touch.”

So the questions we need to ask if we are to fill a meaningful role in the future are:


1.     Does the role require forging outstanding one to one relationships through empathy and social understanding?

2.     Does the role demand an inquisitive mind to design and deliver creative solutions?

3.     Does the role require the emotional robustness to operate successfully in a working environment of uncertainty and unpredictability?


The more of these questions we can answer with a “yes”, the better our career choice is likely to be.

Now for those who aspire to develop a career in fitness and healthcare this is great news!

More and more will seek those skills that might satisfy the needs the above questions pose.

But does our education in fitness provide the fit for purpose curriculum the future demands?

If it does, we need to forget memory test and tick box training which results in a worthless qualification.

Such education will not build the leaders in fitness of tomorrow who will deliver innovative training and build the people connections which create the opportunity for tangible client value to be realised.

Our HPT5 Specialist Course offers a Masters Level Education in business growth, innovation and client management.

We don’t do manuals, we never seek the text book answer. We focus on the unmet client need, the untapped industry potential, we drive new thinking and creativity, we centre on courageous conversation.

Design a gym for blind people? One of our student groups did, producing some incredible ideas on how to train those with such a disability.

The gym of the future? Andy one of our students, who will be relocating to the USA soon, designed one in minute detail, geared for health first and not just Fitness with inspiring ideas to building communities and offering a totally new perspective. ‘’Don’t judge me by my body composition’ was his key mantra. The USA’s gain will be the UK’s loss

Just like Ray did for me, at HPT5 we want to use education to turn mirrors into windows of opportunity, to create leaders who will fill the fitness roles of the future! Leaders who can answer three key questions with ease.