Why can’t everyone be like Anthony?

Don’t sell, connect; don’t shout, influence; don’t think ego, think relationship”

In a recent workshop, a great question was posed: ‘what are the roots of passion?’ An engaging conversation ensued.

Does passion come from helping others or does it come from just doing something you are proud of, or perhaps both?

Recently, I had to organise work on the roof of our house, because quite foolishly, I had been tricked into allowing someone to climb on the roof, cause damage, threaten me and when I refused to pay, they just left, with me looking at a big hole in our roof - and an even bigger problem!

Luckily, I was referred to Anthony*, a roofing specialist who turned out to be a master craftsman in his trade!

It was then I realised what a difference passion makes!

When Anthony completed his work on our roof, he invited me up. ‘Would you like to see what we have done? Yes, of course’

You could see the passion and fulfilment in his eyes. ‘Look,’ he said, it’s like a completely new roof!’

And it was!

Passion is a question of meaning, fulfilment and saying to yourself ‘wow, that’s good, not many people could have done a good job as that.’ This is what Anthony was saying to me not directly, but implicitly!

How often can we say that about our own work?

That’s what passion brings to the difference we can make, not only to ourselves but to others.

No hard selling, no shouting, no big I am, no ego, just delivering customer service that is world class and building outstanding relationships in the process!

What is your passion, what are you doing to build a level of technical competence that matches your passion?

Connect passion with competence and you have the makings of a truly fulfilling and rewarding career!

Why can’t everyone be like Anthony? Why wouldn’t you?


Haydn is Service Leadership Director @ hpt5.



* www.watercourseroofing.co.uk