In 2016, with more than 20 years industry experience, we set up a company in West London to deliver courses for those wanting to build a rewarding career in fitness. The aim was to train people to be more successful than they ever dreamed possible - to inspire them to reach not only for technical excellence, but also the skills to build a sustainable business . What matters to us is giving our students the richest learning experience, with heaps of care and attention, and access to real clients, so they can develop the confidence to fly on graduation. Now based at Richmond upon Thames College, we are home to some of the most technically advanced and exciting fitness programmes in the UK.

Your career pathway

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We know you are excited to get into the fitness industry, but what should you study?

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructing - develop your coaching skills in theory and practice with live clients

  • Level 3 Personal Training - consolidate with the addition of further programming and nutrition capabilities

  • Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy - diversify your earning capability with hands on skills, and open new revenue streams

  • HPT5 Specialist Programme - ascend to the heights of functional biomechanics, injury management and service leadership to make yourself a much sought after High Performance Trainer

What our graduates say

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Rich Francis

For anyone who is a fitness Instructor, Coach, PT, Athlete etc who is looking for that all important extensive training to become the best of the best.. please check out HPT5.

They have some of the best lecturers, who I met along my journey whilst completing my Fitness Instructor Level 2 and Personal Training Level 3.

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Vikash Rami

HPT5 have been absolutely tremendous during the week that I have been taught by them. The lecturer, Pete, had a clear understanding of the course content & more importantly has a vision to redefine the fitness industry through HPT5, which I thoroughly believe in!

I cannot wait to continue my educational journey with Pete & HPT5 and start the Level 3 & Sports Massage Therapy courses. I highly recommend HPT5 to anyone who is looking to enter the fitness industry!

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Harriet Louise Jarvis

Great structure, amazing content, remarkable tutor that goes the extra step to deliver high quality teaching within the health and fitness sector.

Loved every minute of it, and I'm sad it's all over

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Ruth Smethurst

HPT5 is bringing the cutting edge of personal training to the grass roots of the fitness industry. Reshaping it from the ground up. It will soon no longer be acceptable to NOT be a specialist in movement. HPT5 training is raising the bar and helping trainers step up to excellence. They offer far more in terms of knowledge, skill and business wisdom - to create a new breed of trainers that can rank with other healthcare providers and truly offer wellness to their clients. Highly highly recommend!

What makes us different

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